Camera giám sát thân nhiệt - Ti384 Thermo Klear

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Ti 384 Thermo Klear
Image frame rate : 50/60Hz
Detector : 384x288pixels (Uncooled FPA microbolometer)
Screen display : 3.5” TFT LCD
Temperature range : 30 ~ 50°C
Accuracy : ±2°C or ±2% of reading whichever is greater
Storage : SD card, max. 16GB
Display color : 11 palettes
Effective distance : 3 ~ 7m
Accessories : video cable • 2 Li-ion batteries • batterycharger •
lens cap • quick manual • manual & software CD •
SD card • card reader • USB cable • wrist strap •
transport case • warranty card • certificate of
product conformance
Thermography allows you to discover injuries and health problems at the early stage and therefore
allowing us the possibility to develop preventative action. With thermography, we can make the
connection and establish a close relation between different pathologies in different areas, organs, or
meridians. It is also an ideal tool to determine the progress after treatment with no invasive and pan.
Clinical applications :
Andrology, digestive system, ENT, gynecology/obstetrics, hematology, immunology, locomotors
systems, ,urinary system, circulatory system, dermatology, neurological disease, endocrine system,
respiratory system, cardiovaskular disease, cancerous disease, acupuncture, etc.
Difference from other diagnostic imaging systems :
X ray, ultrasound, CT (Anatomical) Thermography (Functional)
Mechanical Metabolism
Structure Autonomic nervous system
Temperature changes
Note :
Thermography does not mean to subtitute other diagnostic tool blindly, but to complement other
applications to achieve a more visible result.


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